Harry Roberts has had a busy career, and a lot of his jobs started with the letter C.
Jobs like COO, CEO, and Cool Hunter.
He’s got chops: as Starbucks’ Creativity Czar, he came up with a variety of products you may recognize. Before that, he was in charge of a consulting agency that gave marketing advice to companies like Apple. All told, he’s launched four companies and served as a top executive in five. So you can understand him for wanting to do something a little more low-key.

Like making artwork. Now he paints Barnbanners from his home workshop. He can add another “C” job to his résumé: craftsman.


Anyone who wants to add a fun, original look to their home would love Barnbanners. We paint graphic motifs and lush colors on professional-quality signboards. The bracket fixed on the back lets you install them with nothing more than a level and a screwdriver.

We use old-fashioned paints made from powdered milk and natural dyes. This practical recipe produces colors that resist years of sunshine and storms.

We’re a small operation, but we paint on demand and will ship your Barnbanner two to four weeks after you order – even sooner, if the Barnbanner you want happens to be in stock; new shipments go out every Friday. Then you’ll own an authentic piece of American artisanship.

All paintings are hand draw and I am happy to paint any of therm in either 2×2 or 4×4 and any other size request call for a quote. And since I have draw them each will be slightly different.

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What's Customers Say?

  • I sincerely love harry’s work. These banners are so beautiful that everyone should have it. I am a regular customer of Barnbanners and this is the one place where everyone should stop to buy. Harry is a true artist.

    John Doe
    CEO & Founder
  • Harry Roberts’ creative output of artwork for Barnbanners is a unique homage that references the barn quilt pattern making of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Each work shares a unique blend of pattern, color and shape, mixed with whimsical humor and storytelling. Barnbanners is an exciting venture into the second act of Harry’s life as an artist, […]

    Olympia Lambert
    Global Brand Strategy

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