Art is More Than Just a Pretty Face

The Benefits of Art

Whether we’re observing art or creating it, art offers us an escape from our current reality to another place, time, or maybe a completely different universe. A study published in 2010 by the American Journal of Public Health suggested that art not only offers a mental escape, but a number of other incredible health benefits. Some of the benefits listed include:

  • Distraction from thoughts of illness
  • Decreased negative emotions and increased positive emotions
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improvements in emotional expression
  • Improvements in positive identity
  • Filled occupational voids

Art has the ability to affect us both mentally and physically whether it be a painting, music, writings, or another medium. Because of the effects it can have, placing artwork strategically throughout the office and home can have incredible effects on the overall well-being of everyone around.

Art in the Workplace

“I’m not sure it’s easy to calculate a classic ROI from having art in the workplace – but I do believe you can (very roughly) estimate what I call ROE, Return on Environment, as there are subtle but valuable benefits workplace art can bring to a corporate culture.” said Victor Lipman in a article.

Art in the workplace can boost creativity and reduce stress which can both lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction and in turn lead to a better overall culture.

Art in the Home

Not only does art add beauty and conversation to the walls of any home, but, like art in the workplace, it can provide relaxation as well extend cultural awareness in both adults and children. Placing artwork in the home expands the minds of those who live there.

Looking for Art?

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